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The Character of False Religion
Chris continues to explore Colossians and draws attention to the character of false religion (verses 16-23) a) Special diets (v. 16) b) Rigid calendars (v. 16) c) Ritual humiliations (vv. 17, 23) d) Worshipping angels (v. 18) e) Imposing rules (v. 21)
Duration: 21 mins

Resistance fighters
Nigel encourages us to be Resistance Fighters against our spiritual enemy. We need to have resilience, conviction and a good leader. He cites some heroes from the past and to build a relationship with Jesus to allow Him to move in or lives.
Duration: 19 mins

Vive la Difference
David explores the scriptures to see that God made us in His image, but that we can celebrate the differences we have because we are One in Jesus
Duration: 22 mins

Agape Love
Farai gives a background to the true love as Jesus showed and asks what His example means for each of us
Duration: 18 mins

Forgiveness from Christ
Forgiveness from Christ (Cols 2:13-15), in particular - He cancels our debt (vv. 13-14) - He defeats our enemies (v. 15) So this section of Colossians is all about Jesus giving us Freedom, Fulness, Forgiveness. Last time we looked at Freedom, Fulness, so this time we will dwell on Forgiveness
Duration: 12mins

The Promise Prevails
David looks at the story of Jacob and we see that despite his flaws, the promise of God prevailed for him.
Duration: 14 mins

The Year to Come
It's a good time to re-evaluate our lives. We are encouraged to: + Set our heart on things above + Set your head/ mind on trusting God + Set our lives on following God
Duration: 19 mins

Facing the Future - Daniel 2
David takes a look at Nebuchadnezzar's Dream, draws parallels with our situation as we look forward from 2020. God is our FUTURE HOPE for 2021 and beyond
Duration: 20 mins

Jesus brings Freedom, Fullness, Forgiveness
Chris shows that 1. Freedom through Christ (verse 8) • From Deceptive Philosophies • From Human Traditions • From Basic Principles • From Sin 2. Fullness in Christ (verses 9-12) • Who he is (vv. 9-10) • What it means (v. 10) • How it works (vv. 11-12) 3. Forgiveness from Christ (verses 13-15) • He cancels our debt (vv. 13-14) • He defeats our enemies (v. 15)
Duration: 18 mins

David takes us to three passages of scripture to illustrate examples of peace: Genesis (completeness) Deuteronomy (harmony) and Matthew (working and walking with Jesus)
Duration: 16 minutes

Scattered Servants
Terry takes a look at Acts 8 and considers the effect of scattering of the early disciples
Duration: 29 minutes

Do you know who Jesus is?
Who do you say Jesus is today and what does that mean for yourself and others? We have a look at Matthew 16
Duration: 18 minutes

A Long Walk in the Same Direction
Chris explores 2 verses in Colossians 2 and points to "The Way you begin (the Christian life) is the way you finish (the Christian life)"
Duration: 16 minutes

Facing Hardship and Forgiving
When faced with persecution, how can we love and what difference does it make when we forgive? Nigel puts Matthew 5:43-48 into today's context
Duration: 18 minutes

Gaining Wisdom
David looks at Proverbs 2 verse 6 to ask what we mean by Godly wisdom and sees that it the Holy Spirit's led application of knowledge and understanding
Duration: 20 minutes

It is not about words - It IS about Power
Church can only be relevant when the Holy Spirit stokes the fire. Let's come to God and expect the unexpected.
Duration: 0

The Gospel threatened by trouble makers
Everything we might want to ask of God and his Plans and Purposes – can be answered in Jesus, in especially the Crucified and Risen Jesus. Paul invites us to explore Jesus with eagerness by using such words as Riches, Treasures etc. of him. Challenges to us here from this Passage • Do we do God’s work with all our hearts? • Are we in full battle Array? • Are we prepared and ready for Battle? • Is our wall of defence solid?
Duration: 0

Wonderful God of the Harvest
As we celebrate harvest, we think of our wonderful creator God who sustains His creation, including us. We ask what our role is in sustaining the world
Duration: 23 minutes

Habakkuk and Expectations
Nigel takes us on a whistle stop tour of Habakkuk to explore our expectations of church and God's expectations of us. We certainly get more when we put more in - pray before church and continue in prayer afterwards. Thumbnail courtesy of Walk Thru The Bible
Duration: 15 minutes

Sharing Faith and Possessions
David takes us to Acts 4 and we see the amazing response to work of the Holy Spirit as the believers shared their faith and possessions. How does this influence us in the days of Coronavirus?
Duration: 16 minutes