Welcome to our videos, recently mainly of our Zoom-based services. There are some audio recordings of older material on our Sermons tab in te main menu

Habakkuk and Expectations
Nigel takes us on a whistle stop tour of Habakkuk to explore our expectations of church and God's expectations of us. We certainly get more when we put more in - pray before church and continue in prayer afterwards. Thumbnail courtesy of Walk Thru The Bible
Duration: 15 minutes

Sharing Faith and Possessions
David takes us to Acts 4 and we see the amazing response to work of the Holy Spirit as the believers shared their faith and possessions. How does this influence us in the days of Coronavirus?
Duration: 16 minutes

Spiritual Warfare seen in Nehemiah (2 of 2)
This Sermon is the 2nd of two where we go through Nehemiah 6 and look at Nehemiah and Spiritual Warfare. This examines the 2nd two of the Four Attacks on him and sees how he successfully responds to them . Intimidation, Deception and Discouragement are weapons used to attack Nehemiah
Duration: 21 minutes

The Holy Spirit Within
We praise the Father and Son but less often do we praise the Holy Spirit. It's the Spirit who enables us to praise, who puts power in us to changes us and is the seal of the promise of God. How close a friend is the Holy Spirit to us today?
Duration: 0

Don't be afraid of the mustard seed
Paul takes a look at Matthew 13 and links our thoughts to the smallness of Covid19 to the greatness of God who will hepl us overcome
Duration: 16 minutes

Two kinds of Wisdom
Andrew Smith compares God's wisdom and our wisdom, using Daniel as his example
Duration: 22 minutes

Who will you follow?
Nigel takes examples from Daniel to ask 'Who will you follow?'' Our choice is down to who we listen to, God or others. The encouragement is to keep going with God's revealed plan for us and be strong to say NO to distracting other voices
Duration: 16 minutes

God is with us
Nigel reminds that we are called to be different from the world, needing to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly. This is tough without Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They are greater than the enemy. Using the example of Joseph we see that God is with us in the difficult times. Where is He taking you?
Duration: 19 minutes

Anchored in Christ
David takes a look at the storm in Acts 27 and points to 4 anchors we can use to make sure we are Anchored in Christ
Duration: 28 Minutes

Sunday Open Mic sermonettes
Each quarter we give an opportunity for people to bring a short bible-based message. This time we welcome Timothy, Jean, Lindsay and Farai, Kevin, Stephen, Nigel and Tapas Kumar each sharing brief messages. Although no-one spoke to anuyone else before the day, God prompted a theme of faith, waiting and listening to God, obeying His commands
Duration: 0

Let Jesus Fill Your Inner Self
Nigel brings a message of hope and strength in a time of turmoil. How to take hold of your feelings and emotions in everyday life.
Duration: 0

Service and Sermon 28th June 2020 - The Precious Gospel
An editted recording of our Zoom service in which Hilary leads our worship and Chris preaches from Colossians 1:22ff Gospel is : - Too Precious to Ignore it – so Believe it Too Precious to Relinquish it – so Be Faithful to it Too Precious to Hide it – so Proclaim it Too Precious to Betray it – so Defend it ------------ Challenges to us here at ACBC from this Passage ------------ Do we do God’s work with all our hearts? Are we in fully battle Array? Are we prepared, ready for Battle? Is our wall of defence solid? Don’t forget the key phrase ---------------- Christ in us as individuals, the hope of glory. Christ among uws as a group, the hope of glory.
Duration: 62 minutes

Service and Sermon 21st June 2020 - The Lost Coin
Lindsay leads our worship through Zoom and Farai brings a message based on the example of the poor lady who lost a coin to show how we are valued by god
Duration: 55 minutes

Service and Sermon 14th June 2020 - The Church but not as you know it
An edited recording from our Zoom service led by Farai with David looking at church in these very different times
Duration: 46 minutes

Service and Sermon 7th June 2020 - Commitment
An edited recording from Zoom with Christine leading our worship and Nigel preaching on Commitment
Duration: 72 minutes

Breaking Strongholds
Nigel shares thoughts on the need to break strongholds in our lives at our Home Groups
Duration: 23 minutes

Coronavirus and Christ
Saheb Borgall brings a message to our chuch from India
Duration: 14 minutes

Our work with the Elim / ACBC Partnership School in India
The video shows the school we support in conjunction with the Elim Full Gospell Church in Bangalore
Duration: 7 minutes