What else do we do?

We believe that chruch isn't just for Sundays so we offer a range of activities through the week

Home Groups

Home groups have been always been an integral part of life at ACBC and are open to all for fellowship, pastoral care, teaching and spiritual growth. At present, there are three groups which meet on different days and times of the week - one each in a morning, afternoon and evening. Each has around 5-9 members so you're not overwhelmed. Our programme is often themed to link with our Sunday topics. We may look at a particular topic for a few weeks, then study a portion of a book of the Bible. We dedicate some weeks to prayer, but will always include time for prayer in each meeting. We meet in Ashford, Sunbury and Stanwell.


Our desire is to lead people to living faith in Jesus Christ in today’s world. Mission is a fundamental guiding principle of our church life.  Each church member is encouraged to reach out individually to their contacts, as well as through church based events. 

We advertise some of our activities at our normal meeting place, Sunbury Youth Centre as being part of the Lighthouse Community Programme, indicating our desire to be a place where the  light of Jesus is found and spread to the local community.

Social Life

We arrange a variety of social activities to which all those associated with the church are welcome. The majority of our events are open to all.

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