O MY God


Patricia became a Christian in 2013 and was baptised in October that year. You can watch her baptism here on YouTube. She told the church at our 31st birthday anniversary what a difference knowing God had made to her life.

O My God – it’s a phrase you hear so much these days, but it is usually spoken without real meaning. I’d like to say O MY God plainly and clearly because of all He means to me. Praise the Lord, praise our wonderful church. I know the true meaning of being a born again Christian.

I know God has always been in my life and there for me, but our church, my family here at Ashford Common Baptist Church have truly opened my eyes. I could not see the reality of God that was there all the time.

My life is getting better, I am stronger every Sunday we are together. We are there for each other. I know it was God’s pan to bring us together and hopefully to reach out to others. I love all my church family – thank you for the welcome you gave me!! We all go our separate ways and face problems, but we know we have the power of God within us and the fellowship of His people every day.

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