Our Leadership


Our Leadership Team comprises (in alphabetical order) David, Farai, Lindsay and Nigel - there is no hierarchy in leadership, so each have 'equal say'.

David became a Christian in 1969 while living in Portsmouth. He joined the church when it was formed in April 1983. At that time he had a full time secular job with a major aeronautcial company. Sensing God's call he left the company in June 2000 and was invited to be the full time pastor of the church. David is married to Eileen. David has 'retired' as our full time Pastor and has handed this responsibility to Nigel whilst remaining in the Leadership Team

Farai became a Christian in her home country, sensed God's call to join us at ACBC and was baptised with us by immersion in 2013. We appointed Farai to the Leadership Team in 2016. Farai works in an Occupational Therapy role at Heathrow.

Lindsay joined the church soon after becoming a Christian in 2001. The Church called her to serve as a Leader in 2011. Lindsay worked for Holiday Inn, but now is self-employed. She was married to Michael in 2005, and between them they have 5 adult children. 

Nigel is married to Avril and, sensing God's leading, has joined the church leadership team following David's retrement as Pastor. Nigel is now recognised as our Pastor whilst continuing to pastor Bethany Church in Bedfont part time. Prior to his pastoral role at Bethany, Nigel worked in an environment supporting adults with special needs.

The Leadership Team are supported by a Steward, Michael.

Michael is married to Lindsay and is one of our Stewards. Michael became a Chrstian in 2002 through the outreach of the church. Michael held a responsible position in the commercial world prior to his early retirement and uses his experience to be responsible for all our administration, which includes being our treasurer.


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