What's a Baptist?


People sometimes ask what being a Baptist Church means. Different types of Church place their emphasis on different ways of expressing their faith. We join all mainstream Christian churches in our  belief that God is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that the Bible has been inspired by God and guides our understanding of Him. We believe that Jesus died on a cross, rose from the dead and now lives in heaven for all eternity. He has given us his Holy Spirit to enable us to enjoy a fulfilled new life if we ask for God’s forgiveness and turn from our old ways.

As a BAPTIST CHURCH we share most aspects of our understanding of scripture with all other churches. Different churches place their emphasis on particular aspects of the Bible and often express this in different style of worship.

We believe that Baptism is for those who choose to personally accept Jesus into their life, and we follow the biblical pattern of Baptism by immersion. Instead of baptising infants or children, we offer a service of dedication in which the family dedicate their child to God and themselves to following Christian principals as a family.

We value having a personal relationship with God. We corporately seek God’s plan for our Church, rather than being under a priest’s authority. Our pastor guides us in what we do, but does not have the ‘final say'.

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